Team Building on the Gold Coast

When it comes to booking a team building activity on the gold coast there could never be more options. The Gold Coast has so much to offer groups of all sizes, event expectations and desired outcomes. The Glitter strip has some of the best beaches in the world, beautiful parklands, fantastic hotels and of course exciting theme parks like movie world, wet and wild, Seaworld and Dreamworld. So any and all and all of these can be used when thinking of planning your next event.

So you have read the above and now wondering what is best for my group? Well firstly lets think about the outcomes you want to achieve. What are the key elements you would like your team to experience and possibly be better at? let me name a few..

Communication: It is common knowledge that a team that can communicate well will dilute the amount of grey areas in the business and everyone should be on the same page.

Breaking down of Barriers: If there is barriers in the working relationships this will dramatically inhibit productiveness of the business. Staff will refrain from communicating effectively and working together to get the job done.

Leadership: In any business there are always natural leaders and natural followers we know that. But what if the natural leaders were unavailable or on leave? Where does that leave your team? My question to you is would one of the followers stand up and be a leader? Maybe and Maybe not.. we have seen many scenarios where this has not happen and the team is stagnate and fails to progress forward. Our team building activities can target this and make the followers be more confident take control of a situation so the group will be successful. We also need to adequate the leaders that sometimes it is good to allow another person to have their way or offer control.

Problem solving: This is the big one and incorporates everything above. To be effective at problem solving in a group environment the teams needs to Communicate, have no barriers to inhibit this and have leaders. Some general problem solving activities can highlight any problem areas and offer ways to improve through structured debrief. This often brings to the surface and underlying issues like personality clashes, lack or listening or lack of trust in one and another. We like to incorporate problem solving of some type in most team building activities.

Fun: This is paramount in any program no matter what your outcome. The groups must have some fun in the event. This keeps them engaged, communicating and interested in the outcome. All team building events involve fun and plenty of it. Gone are the days of tedious sessions that delegates disengage and are bored.

Ok so now we have determined what our desired outcome is! What now? What program is best for me?

We have prepared a simple drop down box that offers the desired outcome and dropping down below is the programs we feel best suit the outcome. Its really simple to find the best options and make a quick enquiry.

Breaking down of barriersScavenger HuntWin It In A MinuteAmazing cake Off – Ultimate Trivia Challenge – Charity Bike BuildRaw CanvasSports Battle

Leadership – The vault – Treasure hunt –  The Amazing Race Gold Coast – Charity Bike Build – The Ransom – Lets get Cooking – The Big Picture – Sports battle – Signature Treasure Hunt –

Communication – Rat race – The Vault – Treasure hunt – Charity Bike Build –

Fun – Win It In A minute – Scavenger hunt – Amazing cake Off – Ultimate Trivia Challenge – Sports battle – Bocce and bare foot bowls –

Supplying your team an effective, fun and energising Team Building event is fundamental in creating and maintaining a well oiled team. They don’t have to be expensive and use up a whole day. Normally around 2-3 hours and for a small team of around 10 – 20pax a budget of $2000 opens up many options. Of course larger budgets allow us to up the WOW factor but it is not always necessary. Total Team Building have the expertise you need when planning your next event and we have around 20 years experience between our team that’s why we are the number one choice for Team Building on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.