Corporate Games

Even though team building and corporate events are serious in nature, where an important outcome needs to be achieved, or a critical message delivered, there is no harm in having a little FUN. The team at Total Team Building are all about fun, but are fully aware of the underlying message that needs to be delivered. We use experiential learning techniques to build great teams, as well as facilitate other events of a similar nature.

Some of the games we include in our team building and corporate offerings are:

The Amazing Cake Off

Your team’s creativity will be tested to the limit in this tasty team building event. By creatively working together, teams will need to design and create the best cake possible.

Barefoot Bowls

Lawn bowls is great. Bowling while barefoot is even better! A round robin style format allows for a fun and competitive game, but with much socialising to go with it.

Go Race

Following an ‘Amazing Race’ style format, teams will be directed to key spots around town using GPS technology where they will partake in facilitated challenges. It’s fast, it’s fun, It’s time to get in first!

The Ransom

The fun and challenging activity sees teams scrambling around the city deciphering clues in order to rescue their kidnapped CEO. Time is short, and it is critical teams work quickly and efficiently in order to beat the other competing teams.

The Ultimate Trivia Challenge

Your team are the next contestants on the game show of the day! Following the format of game shows we know and love, this is sure to be an entertaining event that will test your team’s general knowledge, collaboration, and communication.

Win It in a Minute

Be prepared for some fun and entertainment in this crazy team building activity. It will have team members trying all sorts of antics in order to win maximum points. Team members will go head to head with the opposing team in order to prove they are the best at their special skill.

Treasure Hunt

Teams are tasked with a number of puzzles and activities in order to find the ultimate prize – the treasure chest! Teamwork and communication feature heavily in this fun challenge that will cause the team members to learn a lot about themselves and the team.

Whatever the occasion for your corporate event, we strive to include fun and interactive ways to get the intended message across. Have a look at complete offering here, and we will help you out as best we can.