Team Workshops

Just like your car, your team needs the occasional service to keep it well oiled and running smoothly.

We have carefully developed a series of interactive Workshops designed to enhance your team that target a variety of key topics. Delivered by our world-class presenter, who invigorates, energises and includes your team in an engaging full or half day workshop. Your team can expect “To get Involved” as this is not just a presentation, it is an interactive workshop. Your team will take part in a morning workshop, closely followed by a challenging session that includes a team building activity putting their new learnings into practice.

Remember it is a workshop – Not a presentation!


    Working with teams across your business, or within dedicated departments or divisions, The Team Empowerment Workshop focuses on the 3 key foundation elements necessary to build team harmony and synergy;

    • Rapport
    • Respect
    • Reliability

    In a facilitated workshop environment, Participants will work through the 3 elements and in-turn identify strategies to build on each of the 3 key elements within the team.

    The focus will then turn to identifying Common Organisational Goals and Expectations to ensure all team members are aligned and moving in the same direction.

    The Team Empowerment Workshop will set your team on a path to increased performance and greater work satisfaction as a result of working together and feeling truly empowered by working as one towards a common goal.


    Habits play an important role in all our lives. Many of us develop habits which support a healthy and successful life. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

    Success at both an individual and organisational level is about taking control of our habits by identifying the habits which support our goals as opposed to working against them.

    Our Success Habits Workshop will give Participants power back over their habits. Ultimately putting them in a position to develop Success Habits both at a team and individual level.

    The facilitated workshop will help participants identify and understand;

    • What are habits and why do they naturally form
    • What are the habits which support a positive and empowered team and culture
    • How do we reprogram existing bad habits
    • How do we form habits which support the outcomes we desire

    By empowering your team members to recognise and take control over their daily behaviours (habits), The Success Habits Workshop will act as a catalyst for your team to support a Winning and Positive Team Culture ultimately leading to increased performance and results.


    These days, the role of a leader is complex. There are many opinions on what a leader should and shouldn’t do and how they should and shouldn’t act. This only adds to the complexity of the role and the confusion often felt by new and existing leaders.

    Ineffective leaders often alienate their staff, waste crucial resources and inevitably produce sub-standard results. Successful organisations recognise the importance of their leaders and ensure they receive the right training and support in their role ensuring long term success.

    Our Demystifying Leadership Workshop breaks the role of a Leader down to the essential elements. The facilitated workshop will cover;

    • The 6 key misconceptions of Leadership
    • The True Role of a Leader
    • Developing Leadership Charisma
    • The 3c’s of Leadership: Clarity, Communication, Courage

    The goal of the workshop is to empower your leaders in their role with clarity on what they are trying to achieve, and how they are going to lead the team to get there.

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