Now is as good a time as any to hold a corporate event. This may be the annual company update, a team building activity, or even the End-of-Year party. Whatever the occasion, we at Total Team Building specialise is all things corporate and we can definitely help you out for your next corporate event. What is it that you are looking for?

Corporate Team Building

One of the biggest challenges in any team is to ensure that the members of the team are working together as one team. Getting them to work to a common strategy is one thing (and a conversation for another day), but simply getting the team members to understand each other and work together is a major challenge.
How can we get to know each individual person, understand them, their strengths and weaknesses? How can we build a strong enough relationship to ensure the team is getting the benefit of us working together? The most common way is to send the team out of their comfort zone and encourage them to work past their differences in order to overcome obstacles. These days all sorts of team building events exist and there are a plethora of options available to you – ranging from indoor activities such as quizzes, baking, and charity events to expansive outdoor games like fun runs around the city, CEO Ransom games, and treasure hunts. Team building events are great ways to increase team performance through communication, challenges, teamwork, and having fun.
Luckily, here at Total Team Building, we specialise in just these sorts of activities. We facilitate any team from any industry and love to make a fun event out of every team building event. We believe in team members taking the most out of our team building activities, therefore we use fun experiential learning methods to ensure the best results. Click here for a complete list of programs and activities.

Corporate Team Development

Team development is a tough task for any leader, manager, or company. It is an integral part of any corporation trying to develop high performance teams. There are many theories and methods on how leaders can go about this. Many claiming to be the be-all-and-end-all solution to people and performance management. As you may know, there isn’t just one solution. However, here are three common areas that we have come across in our experience.
Team members are continuously communicating their wishes and needs. They may not be actively telling their manager, but there are more subtle ways in which they’re communicating their unhappiness (or happiness for that matter).
Ever noticed how some staff members are not engaged at the office? They clock in at 9am, and leave at 5pm – and not a minute later. They will religiously take their lunch break, and fight tooth and nail for every penny in their annual salary review.
When it comes to team ethic, team activities, or even socialising, these disengaged team members tend to put in the absolute minimum amount of effort into participation. These staff members are communicating with you. They are telling you they are not happy. Something is not right within their environment.
It’s pretty obvious that without effective teamwork, a team is nothing. When everything turns to custard, the team will fall apart and chaos will reign. Leaders need to listen to their staff and learn what they need to do in order to form the necessary bonds that will take their team to greatness.
The simplest way to begin this journey is to talk frankly with team members, discussing what their strengths and weaknesses are, what they need from the manager and the team, and what they can contribute to the team.
Take action
Once a leader has listened and learned how his team ticks, and what they want, he needs to prove the promise and take the relevant action to build the bridges necessary for the team to attain high performance.
Some of that incorporates removing the team from the work environment and performing some team building activities. Other factors include an effective vision, strategy, mission, and values for the team to work towards. Something they can live by and work towards each day.
A combination of these 3 factors will build mutual trust and respect between the leader, the individuals in the team, and the team itself. They will develop themselves to be better people, better team members, and better employees.

Company Retreat

When a company or team has performed a great job over the year, they need to be rewarded. Although the usual morning teas, lunches, or other gifts are ‘nice’, why not surprise them with an actual retreat? Give them a break from the hard work they have been performing and send them out somewhere for a nice rewarding activity.
The smallest and easiest of all these is, of course, an afternoon away. We’ve found that booking the team out for an afternoon activity outside of the city is a great way to show appreciation to staff. A massage at a day spa is always a good idea. An afternoon at a driving range is an interesting affair, with a possible stop at the 19th hole. An afternoon lunch with some cultural history always go down well too.
The next step up is a full day event. As with the afternoon retreat, why not book staff for an entire day’s worth of spa treatment? Some staff would really appreciate that. For staff members that are not interested in these treatments, what about a wine tasting experience or wildlife tour?
Now, there are those special occurrences where a team or person has gone way beyond the bounds of their role. They’ve exceeded expectations, and they really deserve something special. Companies could sponsor these staff members on a special retreat. Somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the company they work for.
There are many options available for these sorts of retreats, something suitable for all types of staff members. A highly competitive group of people might enjoy kayaking, hiking, or archery options. While the people wanting some peace and quiet may enjoy the relaxation offered by massages and spa treatments.
There is another benefit for sending staff away on a retreat – team bonding. The staff members sent on the retreat will naturally levitate towards each other while they are away. In turn, this will cause them to find out more about each other and potentially form a bond that will tie over into the workplace. A win-win for everyone.
Whichever option is chosen, we are sure the staff members will love the effort their employer has made in showing appreciation for their efforts in the workplace. Just a small token of appreciation that will go a long way in building a lasting relationship between employer and employee.

Corporate Incentives

Incentives in the workplace has been a hot topic for many years. Traditional research suggests that money is the easiest and the best incentive. However, in recent times, new research is suggesting that it’s not all about money, but rather motivational factors per person. This makes matters complex when determining how to incentivise staff.
Motivational specialists, such as Dan Pink, suggest that not everyone is motivated by money. Money can work some of the time, but often it causes stress and de-motivation among staff members. This causes a dilemma of sorts for corporations. What used to be easy (ie. If a staff member performed well, they get paid more money), is no longer valid.
The world is undergoing a change in perspective. Where people are not simply going to work for money, but going to work because they believe in the company. They believe the company’s core values and motivations match their own, and they want to work with that company. Money is no longer a major motivational factor.
Since money is no longer a main driver, companies have been looking to other alternatives in order to motivate their staff. It has forced companies to understand the people they have employed. Companies now have to understand who these people are, how they work together, what makes them tick, and how each individual responds to incentives.
The top incentives that employees respond to, fall into two main areas; Money and Recognition. Money is what companies know – do a good job, and you will get more money – whether it be through bonuses, salary increases, or vouchers. Recognition, on the other hand, is slightly harder to figure out. Some people want all the glory – be it through certificates of achievement to public announcements. While others still, are not worried about that at all. They just simply want a thank you from their management.
In conclusion, there is no one rule fits all for company incentives in today’s corporate world. It’s time for companies to realise their biggest asset, and focus on it. That asset being their people. People run a company. They are not cogs in a machine. They are unpredictable, moody, and whimsical. Companies need to identify what makes each one of their employees feel appropriately incentivised.
It’s not easy. It’s a long, ever-winding, road. But if companies want loyal staff, staff that will stick with them through thick and think, they will take the time and money to find the right method to incentivise their staff.

Corporate Entertainment

In this day and age, we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment. Rock stars, TV personalities, comedians, keynote speakers, the list is endless. It is no different when it comes to corporate entertainment.
There is no reason to hire a second rate DJ, with second-hand equipment and a dodgy look about him, as he smirks from behind his equipment at your corporate event. Get professional. Be bold. Expect the best for your staff and hire high calibre. Just like you, your staff watch TV and listen to music. If you would like to hear a comedian speak at your next event, so would your staff. If you want to hear the very best in motivation speaking, chances are your staff want that too. You may want to let it all out, and simply have a party, let me assure you, so do your staff. Contemplate spending a little extra on your staff to get the best out of the entertainment and your staff.
Here are a few ideas for entertainment at your next corporate event;
For an event during the day, possibly a conference or a family BBQ (a corporate party with a difference), why not provide some side entertainment for the staff. Something that will hold their attention in between socialising and other activities. Roving Magicians, Stilt Walkers, or even a Speed Painter are fantastic ideas.
Holding a corporate dinner? A flaming fire act or a guest speech from a sports star before dinner will surely spark some conversation around the table. What are your guests to do after dinner? Well, there is always a high quality DJ, live band performances. Why not step it up a level and throw in a cabaret dance show or a laser show?
If the event is a conference event, guest speakers are always a hit. A speech with difference may be from a TV Personality, a comedian, or even a skilled master of ceremonies to keep the event consistent between sessions.
These ideas were simply the tip of the iceberg of possibilities for entertainment. It can be overwhelming to try and organise the right entertainment that will fit your corporate event. Here, at Total Team Building, we would love to do that for you. We ensure fun-filled events, tailored specific to your needs and focus for the event of the day. It’s our speciality and our pleasure.

Corporate Activities / Corporate Games

Your staff are working too hard. They need something to take their minds off the daily grind. As their manager, what is there that you could possibly do for them? Do you take them out for a team lunch? How about a classic game of paintball? How could you cater for most of the group? That is where we could help.In our experience, we have come across many groups of people – all with varying degrees of age, weight, likes and dislikes. Not everyone enjoys the hardness of paintball, or the social aspect of a team lunch. There are a plethora of corporate activities available to companies today – it all depends on your teams’ need, how much time you want them away from the office, and (of course) budget.
The corporate activity you choose may depend on what outcome you want to achieve for your team. Think about the following; do you want the team to work better together? Do you want to teach them a new skill – like leadership, or communication? Or do you simply want them to have a good time?So, you’ve thought of a few of these things, and might still be undecided on which activity you would like to pick. Here are a few suggestions that might help you along.
We have a large range of activities that will suit your every need. We incorporate experiential learning in each of our activities to foster teamwork and fun at the same time.

Corporate Party Ideas / XMAS Parties

That time of year when staff are tired after a long, hard year. Business is slowing, and everyone is gearing up for the end of year festivities. Organising a fantastic party is just the occasion for them to relax. Something for them to let their hair down before they go on holiday. We have an excellent range of fun events we can run for your next xmas or corporate party. Give us a call today and let us suggest some options that will suit.


Conferences are held every day. We’ve all been to them for some reason or another. We’ve drowned under the slides of bland presentations. That doesn’t mean they should not exist. Conferences are a great way to get a company’s message out to the largest possible audience.
Ranging from half-day conferences in a small hired room to large scale multi-day conventions, there is no limit to the potential of types of conferences that you can host. Entertainment is often incorporated into conferences with keynote speakers, music, or other types of activities for the attendees.
We, at Total Team Building, can help spice up your next conference with our range of Energisers and Ice breakers. If you want to super charge your team, wake them up and empower them our energisers are designed to be short, sharp and to the point. They are fun activities that awakens and energisers the delegates so that they can absorb the conference content effectively. We have a selection available that can be customised to your conference outcomes or goals. They vary from exercise related to problem solving, to Creative tasks to noisy bursts of energy. Let us send you some ideas of how we can spice up your next conference. We will work with you to understand the purpose of your event and effectively organise and plan the activities and games to suit, then facilitate it through to completion.