Ultimate Trivia Challenge

Program Features

  • Objective

    The Ultimate trivia challenge will keep all contestants on edge and interacting consistently. The Event comprises of a variety of topics, games and mystery challenges that will inspire teamwork, collaboration and creates heaps of laughter. Facilitated from keynote and sound the trivia challenge comes alive and is like no other. It is sure to make your get together an event to remember.

  • Indoors or Outdoors

    Indoors only and  Bowls Club, conference room or office is suitable for the Ultimate Trivia Challenge.

  • Group Size 5 - infinity

    This team building event can cater for almost any group size. We are only really restricted by the location we choose to hold the event. Small conference room for small groups, Larger room for larger groups Easy!

  • Time Frame

    1 – 2.5 hours