Team Building Ideas Brisbane

If your looking for something new, something exciting and something to WOW your team there has never been a better time..

There are a great variety of team building ideas in Brisbane and there are also lots of great locations. We specialise in Fun and Engaging events designed to blow the socks off your team so you can reap the rewards and have the most cohesive and productive team. So here we have prepared the top 6 Team Building Ideas in Brisbane and the desired outcomes to make it easy for you to decide your best option. It will also be simple to book just follow the link at the bottom to enquire about all 5 instantly! We will have a quote back to you the same day so no messing around. Here we Go!

The Top 6 Team Building Ideas in Brisbane

Ther Scavenger is by far our number one event in Brisbane. It offers a great outdoor adventure around the CBD that offers testing missions, challenging team activities combined with loads of fun. The event can kick off anywhere so your office may be your first choice. Here we brief the teams that they must score as many points as possible and deliver them their hunting guide. This guide highlights their 3 team missions and a schedule where they must meet out facilitator for a team activity worth big points! The event runs best offer a 1 – 3 hour period and can finish anywhere, so you may like to finish at a location for food or drinks which works very well. FUN – TEAMWORK – TRUST – BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS     Read More

Its the most touching program and normal brings a tear to the eye as your team will have the goal of building a bike. However there is a catch! they have to earn the parts if they want to do this by completing team activities/tasks. The teams work their way through a variety of activities designed to challenge the dynamics a variety of ways. Your team will work together and quickly learn to communicate, delegate and trust each other. The Charity Bike Build will also break down barriers and leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy. Near the end of the event the teams bikes will be judged and a winning team announced. However the special moment follows where we introduce the children and charity and they take home a bike. PROBLEM SOLVING – SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – COMMUNICATION – DELEGATION      Read More…

Its Creative, Its fun and quite amazing what the teams create! The Raw canvas is a program that stands alone as there is nothing like letting the teams creativity run wild with a paint brush and a canvas. The event is structured in which normally we offer themes for the artworks. These can be chosen randomly or can be company values or themes. The teams firstly sketch there design on paper, plan the colours and prep the area prior to touching the canvases. From there it is all systems go as the teams get to work and you can watch the art come alive! We supply everything required for the event including protective clothing items. The Raw canvas is a stand out and leaves you with some new fresh artwork for your office walls. BREAK DOWN BARRIERS – CREATIVITY – COMMUNICATION – OPEN DISCUSSION      Read More…

The Rat race is a race style team building idea that offers a fast and competitive option for your team. Please do note that it can be tailored for all physical capabilities as the teams move around the CBD. Prior to the event we plant checkpoints around the city that the teams must locate and scan with their mobile phone. Each checkpoint has a QR code on it that when scanned pops up a message or a task to the team. They must complete this checkpoint prior to moving on! Their objective it to complete all checkpoint and race to the finish line as quickly as they can. They will however receive random challenges delivered to them through out so its not all plain sailing.. Its a fun event that can straitened finish anywhere.  PLANNING – COMMUNICATION – ROLE DELEGATION – TRUST – TEAMWORK     Read More…

Its fast, its fun and your under pressure! The Win It In A Minute Team Building idea was created by our director based on the hit TV show. The teams are faced with a variety of 60 second individual challenges combined with some team challenges. The individual challenges are allocated to team members who compete against the dreaded giant countdown timer! Under full pressure to outlast or beat the clock depending on the challenge to score points for their team. A variety of challenges are included so this program allows access to all physical capabilities. The win it in a minute is a favourite indoor team building option and will leave an experience to remember.  FUN – PERORM UNDER PRESSURE –  TRUST – HELPING OTHERS – TRUST    Read More.. 

The ultimate and unique one team with one goal scenario. Its hard to find a team building program with this type of outcome where everyone is on the same team working for the one goal.. TO STEAL THE GOLDEN EAGLE! The eagle is kept in the main vault of a museum and the team have the task of working through the sectors of the museum without being detected. Each sector offers a new team challenge and requires teamwork and communication to succeed. The vault is very interactive and all participant are involved. The vault is an indoor program that runs off Keynote and sound and offers a fun yet challenging experience for all involved. COMMUNICATION – PLANNING – TEAMWORK – TRUST – PROBLEM SOLVING   Read More..