The Brisbane Scavenger Hunt

The Brisbane Scavenger Hunt is our number one outdoor team building program that is designed specifically for the Brisbane BCD.

It offers any group size the opportunity to take some time out of the office and enjoy the bells and whistles of the CBD. Teams are met a the starting point and this can be your office, a local park or even a coffee shop. The teams are briefed on their objective of the day and that is to earn as many points as possible while on their Scavenger hunt Team Building activity. They are supplied a hunting guide that outlines all their team missions in detail. It also has a schedule that dictates the timed group challenges throughout the event.

The teams missions cover a variety of requests from from fun and slightly out of your comfort zones to highly engaging and interacting opportunities. Taking photos, answering questions and collecting items is all key aspects of the Scavenger hunt Team Building event in Brisbane.

If it is fun and excitement you are looking for then the Scavenger Hunt is for you! Call us now to supply you with a no obligation quote and let us WOW your team in 2015!

Scavenger hunt action