The Top 6 Team Building Activities in Brisbane

Number one program

Scavenger hunt

Our Scavenger Hunt from day one has been an absolute hit! It has outsold and out performed all other Team Building programs we offer. The Scavenger hunt itself is a dynamic, high energy and extremely fun event. Facilitated best in the Brisbane CBD utilising parks, shops, the mall and the public, the teams will complete missions given to them from the facilitator. The Hunt begins with a energised brief and the distribution of the Hunting guides. The Hunting guides outline everything required of the teams to earn as many points as possible and the team at the end of the event with the most points will take home the spoils of victory and the huge amounts of glory that follow. The teams will be collecting items, answering questions and taking photos. They also will be meeting our facilitators at designated locations to complete team activities. These activities are worth huge points so it is their best interest to be there on time!

If your looking to break down some barriers, unite your team and have an event to remember the Scavenger Hunt should be your first choice for Team Building in Brisbane..

Cities guarding photo on a scavenger hunt
Scavenger hunt action
Taking a photo on a scavenger hunt