Team Building Activities Gold Coast

We have a huge variety of Team Building Activities on the Gold Coast, indoor or outdoor we have it covered!

The Gold Coast has so much to offer and we have taken advantage of this and created the best programs to either showcase the park, beaches and tourist locations or to wow your team at one of the extravegant indoor venues. Surfers Paradise is always buzzing and we have created the perfect program that will have your team soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying glitter strip.

Our Top 2 Team Building activities on the Gold Coast

The Scavenger hunt is perfectly designed for Surfers Paradise. Your team will be briefed at your conference location or office and given a hunting guide. This guide will give them all the information required to earn as many points as possible. The team who does this will win and take home the spoils of victory. Collect items, answering questions and taking team photos will have them very busy over a 2 – 2.5 hour time slot. They also will be required me meet on of our Team Building facilitators at a certain location for a team activity. This is worth big points and in their best interest to be there on time. The group will also be mingling with the public and may be put outside their comfort zone on occasion. This only adds to the fun of the event. The Scavenger hunt is out number one Team Building activity on the gold coast!

Imagine having your own mini olympics on Surfers paradise Beach! The sports battle is a fun sporty event that offers something for everyone. If contains fun games like Beach Volleyball, cricket, tug of war, ultimate frisbee and a few of our own creations. The sports battle can be tailored to suit many levels and contestants can choose to sit out of an activity if the so choose. We ensure everyone is challenged at their own level and put under pressure. We facilitate round robin style tournaments with most of these activities and the team that holds the most points at the end of the event will be victorious and be aware accordingly! This Team Building activity can be held on many parts of the Gold Coast beaches and may also be moved to a park if desired. It really is a load of fun and brings out some friendly competition…