Workplace Wellness

Research shows that healthy people are happier, healthy people do have more energy and yes they are more productive and that is a fact!

That must be great for any business!

We have everything you need to need to inspire, motivate and invigorate your staff to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. Our simple yet extremely effective Workplace Health programs are designed to be non-intrusive, personalised and most importantly fun.

We offer interactive sessions being:

  1. Mindfulness workshops
  2. Yoga, Pilates and Exercise sessions
  3. Seminars based around many health and wellness topics

16 Week Online Workplace Wellness Program

This online Wellness, Mindfulness and Fitness Membership, is to assist your staff to get into the best shape of their life mentally and physically, with step by step guidance with Donna and Marcello Abbate – Australia’s most experienced integrated wellness coaches.

This integrated 16-week membership is a clear path of health, nourishment, flexibility and fitness which will enhance your team personally and professionally within their mind, body and soul. They will have exclusive access to Fit for life’s entire video gallery which includes fitness training, nutrition, yoga sequences, pilates training, mindfulness techniques, qigong, meditation and lifestyle management.

After your team registers, they will have access to daily challenging and restorative training routines, tips and nutritional guidelines and recipes each and every week for 16 weeks. Each week flows onto the next which builds a pathway of change over time.. These daily and weekly suggestions are designed to keep each person’s vision alive along their health and wellness journey.

By stepping onto this positive path of wellness your team will be embracing a wellness culture that will inspire and influence positive changes within the workplace. Each staff member will be giving their bodies the ultimate health and fitness reset, so they feel strong, confident, full of vitality with a calm clear centred state of being.


  • A free Trial Week
  • Whole foods Meal plan
  • Challenging and restorative programs
  • Whole foods Recipe Book with over 100 recipes download
  • Video Library with over 65 Yoga and strength training exercises to follow
  • Wellness Guide to Peak performance E-Book to download
  • Online contact 7 days a week for support and guidance

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