Spy School Team Building Program Brisbane

Your Objective: Unravel the Mystery of Agent Kelly’s Murder

Embark on a series of clandestine missions where teams must channel their inner spies to unravel the truth behind Agent Kelly’s demise.

Equipped with smartphones and our cutting-edge Spy School app, each team will navigate covert operations within their chosen locale or venue. They’ll tackle an array of spy-inspired tasks, challenges, and inquiries to gather the evidence necessary to crack the case.

The Spy School challenge leverages advanced image recognition, augmented reality, GPS-triggered hotspots, and intricate indoor maps to craft an unparalleled spy adventure that will captivate your team.

Collaboration, keen observation, and sharp recall are essential as you and your fellow operatives race against time in this thrilling and competitive team endeavor.

Spy School can be tailored for indoor or outdoor settings, whether within your local vicinity or conference space. With options for both facilitated and remotely-managed formats, we accommodate various budgets and levels of involvement to provide a customized solution.

Key Outcomes: Problem-solving, Time management, Strategic planning, Leadership, Team synergy

Ideal for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Outdoor Team Building
  • Social Gatherings