Treasure Hunt – Problem Solving Team Building

Problem Solving – Communication – Planning – Fun

Program Features

  • Outline

    The Treasure Hunt is a challenging team building activity that requires teams to decipher codes, complete word puzzles and work together as they hope to be the first team to open the treasure chest and claim to riches inside. This type of treasure hunt team building activity is designed as a one location event and go indoors or outdoors. So best held in a park or conference room, office boardroom or hotel grounds. A series of themed activities are supplied to the teams and on completion they are awarded with picture cards. These picture cards are like gold itself as the final charge for the chest requires the deciphering of the picture cards  to determine the 3 digit code to unlock the chest. If you team building activity is on the Gold Coast or Brisbane the treasure hunt offers a great event for all to enjoy with some key team building elements.

  • Indoors or Outdoors

    The Treasure Hunt can be facilitated indoor or outdoors and is designed to be a one location event. A conference room, factory floor, hotel grounds or local park are very suitable. If you would like this to be a transition event (moving around) please let us know as this also cane arranged.

  • Group Size 5 - 200

    We can accommodate almost any group sizes with this team building activity. Normally teams around 6 for smaller groups and a tad bigger for larger groups.

  • Any physical capabilities

    The Treasure Hunt is very adaptable and can accommodate any physical capability. If there is an activity that is to demanding we can rotate that activity out or allow the group to delegate the rolls around that person. It’s that easy!