May be the best energiser around!

Its an old but a goody..

Sometimes its best to stick with what you know works.. Or is it?

Commanding a group by getting full attention and not having delegates float off can be quite difficult. It is important to structure your presentation or in our profession the Team Building Events that we hold in Brisbane. We like to start with a BOOM! This is important as it grabs the attention instantly and from there the delegates have confidence in us and are engaged. After the initial impact we then can move into our chosen targeted area whether it be communication based activities or similar.

Back to the BOOM! This initial boom must be fun, uplifting and have everyone either cheering, yelling, laughing or moving around. We call this an Energiser. One of our favourites and great for a large group is the Paper, Rock, Scissors challenge. This is an activity everyone knows and is fun, inspires laughter, makes everyone yell and cheer and has a great outcome. We like to use this on most occasions for these reasons. Team Building in Brisbane doesn’t have to be boring in-fact it can be an event to remember and that is what we strive for… We want to WOW your team.

If you want this kind of wow for your team contact Team Building Brisbane and let design something special for your next get together.

Here is a short video of a Paper Rock Scissors BOOM! Now remember we had only met the group 10 minutes prior to this happening..