Corporate Events

Now is as good a time as any to hold a corporate event. This may be the annual company update, a team building activity, or even the End-of-Year party. Whatever the occasion, we at Total Team Building can help you out.

First off you will need to identify the type of event you wish to hold. Try asking yourself some questions such as; What would be the best location to host the event (A conference centre, a park, a pool party)? What message do I want to send? What type of people will be attending?

Next, how will the message be delivered? Do you want a humorous approach, maybe think about a comedian. Do you want staff to let their hair down, a dance hall would be appropriate. Or how about an official product launch, where a more charismatic keynote speaker would be ideal.

Some great events we’ve seen are:

XMAS Parties

That time of year when staff are tired after a long, hard year. Business is slowing, and everyone is gearing up for the end of year festivities. Organising a fantastic party is just the occasion for them to relax. Something for them to let their hair down before they go on holiday.

Team building events

All sorts of team building events exist. A plethora of options are available in this day and age – ranging from indoor activities such as quizzes, baking, and charity events to expansive outdoor games like fun runs around the city, CEO Ransom games, and treasure hunts. Team building events are great ways to increase team performance through communication, challenges, teamwork, and having fun.


Conferences are held every day. We’ve all been to them for some reason or another. We’ve drowned under the slides of bland presentations. That doesn’t mean they should not exist. Conferences are a great way to get a company’s message out to the largest possible audience.

Ranging from half-day conferences in a small hired room to large scale multi-day conventions, there is no limit to the potential of types of conferences that you can host. Entertainment is often incorporated into conferences with keynote speakers, music, or other types of activities for the attendees.

We, at Total Team Building, can help you with your next corporate event. We work with you to understand the purpose of your event, effectively organise and plan the event, and facilitate it through to completion.

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Here is a pretty cool video from Honda about teamwork and how everything can work together. Just like a well oiled team!