Spy School Training

Teamwork – Problem Solving – Communication – Giving

Program Features

  • Objective

    The objective of this fantastic team building activity is basically for each team to construct a bicycle from scratch . For them to do so they must earn the parts of the bike…. I knew there was a catch! We present team building activities to the teams each one representing the bike parts and on succession of the activity the bike part is awarded. The teams not only have to complete the activities quickly and smartly they must also construct the bike in the same manner. The bike must be build quickly and correctly as the teams are judged and scored upon during the activities and the bike building. The beauty of this event is charity component from which we normally keep secret from the teams. After the judging and presentation we personally present the bike stop the waiting children… At this stage there is not really a dry eye in the room. It really is the best indoor and outdoor team building activity in Brisbane and the gold coast.

  • Indoors or Outdoors

    The event can be facilitated indoors and outdoors which makes this team building activity so flexible. Conference rooms, board rooms, Ballrooms, parks and tennis courts are all suitable.

  • Group Size 5 - infinity

    This team building event can cater for almost any group size. We are only really restricted by the location we choose to hold the event. Small conference room for small groups, large park or ballroom for large groups. Easy!

  • Any physical capabilities

    The Charity Bike Build is very much a non physical team building activity. The team building activities can be tailored to suit your group with some physical options available if you choose. I mixture of team building activities are included to cover main elements such as communication, teamwork and planning.