Win It In A minute – Indoor Team Building

Fun – Teamwork – Delegation – Unity

Program Features

  • Outline

    The Win It In A Minute is a hilarious action packed team building activity that will have everyone challenged not only by the other teams but the Giant countdown clock. The teams are required to complete a series of 60 second games against the clock. They must delate the games, practise and then compete! A series one individual games and group challenges are offered during the team building event. This is our number one indoor team building event in Brisbane and the gold coast! 

  • Indoors

    This is an indoor team building event and a suitable space is required. Normally a standard conference room is sufficient or a hall or private room is ok as well.

  • Group Size 5 - infinite

    We can accommodate any group size for this indoor team building activity. Normally team sizes around 10 for larger group and 5/6 for small er groups so it’s easy to calculate how many teams you would have on your next Win IT In A Minute team building event. 

  • Any physical capabilities

    As the games on this Team Building activity vary so much it suits all levels of capabilities. Normally the more physical games are allocated to those suitable and so on. The Win IT In A Minute is a sensations indoor team building idea for Brisbane or the Gold Coast.