Team Building activities in Brisbane has soared to new levels.

Team Building has been around for years and many of us have done the same type of event a few times over. Lawn Bowls and Amazing race are perfect examples of traditional type events. Not saying these events are no good anymore in fact our “Amazing Race” Style event called Go Race Brisbane has revived the race style events with state of the art technology and interactive activities, combined with loads of fun! But there now is some new kids on the block and these new age team building activities are taking team building to next level by injecting new ideas, new activities and enhancing team dynamics and teamwork. This article will highlight some of them to give you a head start with your planning.

Brisbane has many great indoor and outdoor venues for your next team get together. That complimented with an outstanding array of team building programs available its easy to create an event to remember.

Indoor Team Building activities can be very powerful and also very rewarding and normally can be tailored to meet your desired outcomes and needs. Its easy to get lost in all the event options but its your desired outcome that should guide you most. So when your planning your conference or maybe just a few hours to do a team building event, talk to one of our trained staff about your desired outcomes and team dynamics, as we are the experts and have many years experience, so we can often point you in the best direction.

TARGET OUTCOMES: Teamwork/Fun/Bonding/light hearted – We suggest the Win It In A Minute, Ultimate Trivia Challenge or the Amazing cake Off . These events are fun based, inspire fun and team bonding and a great way to break down barriers. They all are indoor options and certainly create an event to remember.

TARGET OUTCOMES: Problem Solving/Trust/Delegation/CommunicationThe Vault, Indoor Treasure hunt, Charity Bike Build are great examples of programs with a little more strategy and serious purpose. Don’t get me wrong they still are fun but if you want to challenge and enhance the work dynamics these would be more suitable.

These indoor event don’t always require huge amounts of space and some can be facilitated in your office or boardroom.

If its out in the fresh air and sunshine you would rather we can take your team to a number of locations around Brisbane. There are many park areas around and not all need permits. Generally closer to the CBD like Roma St parklands do require a permit but we can use The Botanical Gardens permit free and countless others. We also have a few events that have the teams moving around the CBD. The Scavenger hunt, Rat Race and the Go Race Brisbane all do this and are super exciting events!

TARGET OUTCOMES: Fun/Teamwork/Breakdown Barriers – The Scavenger Hunt is number one! It is our most popular outdoor program Australia wide.

TARGET OUTCOMES: More structured/Teamwork/Problem Solving/Communication/Trust – We suggest The Rat Race, Survivor, Go Race Brisbane and Treasure Hunt as these will challenge your team in many aspects..

You can trust that your next Team Building Event will be a great session and a valued investment when you allow us to design and deliver your program of choice. Contact us now so we can start to plan and prepare an event for your team.

Taking a photo on a scavenger hunt

This photo was taken during one of our Scavenger hunts where one of the teams missions was to locate certain statues around the city.

Our Vault program offers a one team one gaol scenario. This program challenges the team with problem solving, communication and certainly requires teamwork. Run off Keynote and sound the Vault is a great indoor program.