Creating harmony and balance with team building ideas

Through most team building activities in brisbane we facilitate our clients goals are to unite their employees at the ground level through to management level. Sometimes this is a little difficult as the base level employees will generally stand back while the management staff dictate during the team building event. Is this a good thing or is it a bad thing? Well there is no real right or wrong answer here is depends on what the desired outcome is.. If you mix the management team throughout the teams with the workers the managers will naturally stand up. But what if you you created your teams but put all the management level staff in the one team? What sort of a dynamic would that create? Well there is good and bad with doing that! Yes having the management team together will force them to collaborate and communicate and the fuzzy stuff that goes with it as well. But it will also create a management vs the rest scenario, that is not really the perfect outcome either. So it really depends on what outcome you are searching for with your Team Building ideas Brisbane. 

Another idea you may like to try is to engage a professional Team Building company to plan your event but possibly have your management team facilitate it? They can not only work with the teams by facilitating and assisting they can brief and debrief the team building activities and this promotes valuable discussions between management and workers and this is great for any business! Any professional Team Building company will gladly take this approach and work with you to train your management team to conduct the team building idea successfully. You may just kill the two birds with one stone!

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