The 7 C’s for building a better team

Below are my 7 C’s for building a better team.

Some simple ideas or structure to implement into your teams work dynamics to enhance their output and have them working together and achieving more. It is obviously great to have your team on the same page for the same purpose.

Clear Goals / Leadership

Your team must know what the desired outcome is, or what is their goal here? They will strive for that goal if it is achievable and within reach. They will need clear leadership to possible understand that this is achievable and that together they will succeed.


You must know that your team are committed to the goal and vice versa. They need to know that you are committed to leading them or supporting them to reach the goal.


How often does your team actually communicate? not only at work but in a social environment? Yes i know some people like to keep work and play separate and that is fine. However put them at a bar or over dinner and you can guarantee they will let their guard down.

Competence and confidence

Regularly compliment your team on the good job they are doing. This will build their confidence and they WILL achieve more!


Does you team have enough control to manoeuvre their path to achieve the goal? Or are they stuck on a train track? Give them freedom as this is empowering them to take charge…


How regularly does your team take time out to collaborate about the progress towards the goal? it is imperative that the team know everything about each others progress towards the goal so the puzzle pieces fit.


have you made it clear about the consequences of not achieving the goal? I don’t mean in a threatening way but possibly how much this contract means to the company? This is a good thing it gives them a purpose and when they achieve it they know exactly how they have assisted the business in a financial way.