Team Building – The 3 Biggest benefits to your team

The question is, What is the biggest benefit to your team from participating in a structured team building event? 

There is quite a difference in the result from a unstructured team building event like Ten Pin Bowling or a casual game of lawn bowls to a highly structured and planned Treasure hunt, Amazing race or indoor events such as Win It In A Minute or The vault. The unstructured events focus heavily at purely breaking down barriers and creating conversation. Don’t get me wrong this is great for any team! However if you participate in a structured event your team gets the full service not just an oil change.

  • Problem Solving

    If every day business things don’t always go smooth and we face numerous problems or tricky situations that require modifying or tailoring our processes to correct or rectify the situation. This is problem solving at its best! If your team is well rehearsed in a variety of situations to solve unique problems they naturally will learn this skill and be better at it. You will find the better they get, the quicker and smoother these tough situations are handled.

  • Communication

    We all know that good communication is essential for a business to be at its best, thats not rocket science. But how do you enable this to flow well in the work situation? This can be very tough in some instances with clashing personalities, tall poppy syndrome and hesitation due to moodiness etc. A well structured team building event will challenge this and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the team. It enables problem areas to be addresses and built on.

  • Trust and Delegation

    Two very big points here with Trust and Delegation…  Both so very important to a business, yet quite hard to achieve perfection here. For a staff member to delegate a task to another they must have full trust in that person to 1 – Do the job correctly and 2 – Meet the deadline.. This is normally only given once if the requirements aren’t met the first time. It is very hard to trust someone who let you down in the last instance. Trust must be built back up over time and certainly can be earned back. Out team Building events offer plenty of opportunities for delegates to challenge these scenarios to build that trust and delegate tasks to each other. This will happen in numerous situations and only strengthens the team..