Team Planning and Development with a hands on aproach

How does a hands on approach to development, planning and learning work? and what are the benefits?

If you have ever done a planning and development day with your team you will be aware they can be heavy, draining on the team and intense. Although plenty of good comes out of these types of days there are some simple techniques to enhance the learning and the input from the members. Keeping them alert, involved, interacting and interested is the key and here i am going to demonstrate a simple way to do this.

Below is a group that has set aside a full day to plan, strategise, discuss and review their 2016/17 goals, budgets and marketing pan. The topics are big, sometimes overwhelming, but hugely important to the business. They needed all participants giving input and communicating well. So what did we do?

We made cakes! That what we did. What relevance does making cakes have on this planning day?  Plenty is my answer!

The idea behind this is to stimulate all the elements that create a good planning and strategy day..

Communication – Planning – Teamwork – Trust – Delegation – Creativeness – Vision – Unity

The teams were given a theme based around their day and put under pressure for a 60 minute turnaround for their cake. They could visit shops with a small budget of $20 per team to purchase some bling for their cake. Not only did the cake have to be completed in the time frame but each team had to prepare a presentation around their cake. The theme, vision and representation towards their business. As you can see by the photos the team here were very creative and some clever cakes were made in the time frame.

The Amazing Cake Off could be one program to challenge your team and let their creative run wild!