Kickstarting your 2020

Its the start of a new year, your team have had time off, and now its time to engage, refocus and take the handbrake off and get out of first gear.

We all know it’s hard to get back in the swing of working after a nice break. reminiscing of the holiday you went on, sleeping in, or quality time with family and friends. So its a bit of a culture shock sitting at your desk again or listening to Jane in the next office again! 

Engaging your team doesn’t need to complicated or expensive, so what is best?

1 – The first event of the year should be fun. It needs to stimulate conversation, laughter, and be light hearted and maybe out of the office.  Our Adventure Quest is perfect for this..

2 – It also needs to engage in some group thinking, or planning in a fun way. This will re-engage staff together without them even really knowing they are.

3 – A come together at the end. I great way to unite everyone is to have a outcome or feel good at the end. Our Robot Wars and Charity Bike Build have this warm fuzzy at the end where we donate the robots or bikes to schools or charities.

4 – A social ending. A good idea is to have a drink or two or food after so the team can continue to chat and catchup after the holiday season. Remember the more they do now, the less they do in working hours! 

below are some great varieties of programs to kickstart your team! Have a great 2020..