Energiser Events

Team Building Energiser programs

Energisers are a favourite for me as i like the high energy, fun, and seeing delegates get excited. Energisers normally are short sharp activities that spark noise, laughter, movement, and are heaps of fun! I have facilitated hundreds of these over my 20 years in the industry and many spring to mind! I did one once in a 80’s aerobics outfit and a wig. Had over 2 hundred delegates performing the grape vine, step touch and a few i made up. I certainly look back now and think… What a sight that must have been!

One of my favourite which i still do regularly to this day is our Rock, Paper, Scissors team challenge. This normally starts low key and quiet but rapidly excelerates and becomes a screaming and chanting organised Chaos. Participants seem to get drawn into the excitement and enjoy chanting someones name as they show support for their team. It all boils down to the last game where we have 2 people playing best out of three, while the rest of the room are screaming their name in support. We have facilitated this with group sizes up to 650pax! Can you imagine the noise!!! That is what it is all about.

We have many different energisers on offer to match your time frame, delegates and location, so talk to one of our staff to decide which one is best for you.

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