Ice Breaker Team building Events

Team building – Ice Breakers

IceBreakers are team building programs designed to kick start, break the ice, or prepare delegates for a conference or meeting and normally run from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Our large range of ice breakers cover many different styles of activities from high energy just for fun type, to more meaningful and structured. They can really be al sorts as they are engaging, fun, and build some trust so the delegates can let their guard down, maybe have a giggle, and look forward to what is to come.

One example of a team building ice breaker is our Charity Bike Build. This program runs from 1 – 3 hours and offer an engaging experience through fun and interactive activities as well as constructing a bike as a team. At the end of the Ice Breaker we engage a charity to attend and the bikes are donated. This type of ice breaker challenges the delegates in a fun way, but also unites them with the warm and fuzzies at the end.

Another great Team building Ice Breaker is our Level Up program.

Conducted from a smartphone or iPad application it offers an outrageous and extremely creative and fun experience as the teams work through a series of construction, photo and video, problem solving, and trivia style activities to earn as many points as they can. It is a standout program and we always get amazing feedback. Its a great way for delegates to get to know and understand each other. Level Up is best over a 1.5 hour time frame.

Win it in a Minute is also a great indoor event to break the ice get delegates involved. Based around a hit American game show it revolves around 60 second games. The games look easy but are certainly not! It sparks some friendly competition and it lots and lots of fun!

You may also decide to get them out of the room and get the energy flowing with an Adventure Quest. Just like an Amazing race and facilitated from a smartphone application. Its very tailorable, so we can keep the delegates nearby or send them throughout the City.