3 Tips to beating last years Christmas Party.

How do you organise a Christmas event that is not boring, or the same as last year?

Are you finding every year is getting harder and harder to find something new and exciting for your team to celebrate the end of year? Well, this is normal, and when you have been given the challenge to organise such a function, it is a big responsibility and certainly not an easy task. So if it is boring or “Same as last year” like Bowling or Lawn Bowls, you take the blame and wear that burden. No one wants that situation. Time to get creative!

So how do you find something new, and how do you know what is best for your group? Let me give you 5 simple steps to take into account when organising your Christmas Function. It is not rocket science.

Step 1: Know your target participants. It’s important to know the groups likes and dislikes, keeping in-mind it is very hard to please everyone. That sound obvious, but are they competitive? Do they like to step out of their comfort zone to win? Are they introverts? Do they just want to drink and socialise or would they be better suited to a fun activity and they some casual drinks? This will give you a good guide as to what sort of event is best. If they are competitive, I suggest an event that will break them into teams and compete for the glory.

Step 2: What type of outcome do you want for this years event? For example just a social gathering? A structured event that has a winner? Or a team building event that unites and enhances the team as a whole? You can tick all of those boxes, but best to target the most prominent one and tailor the rest.

Step 3: Location, Location, Location. The location you choose is important to meet the demands of the program. Let me give you an example… If you decide to do an Amazing race, it would be underwhelming to finish at your office. The amazing race is all about the final location and the journey to it. The final location is the Pinnacle of the event, as this is where the celebration of being first home, and the fun throughout the event is shared. Some great examples of this is finishing at Q1 on the Gold Coast. High impact destination and obviously the pinnacle for more reasons that one. Imagine the same race finishing at the office, it wouldn’t have the same impact. The office can still work for indoor events and a great option as its free, and its easy as everyone is already there, so no travel. Have a good think about your location once you have decided what type of program is best.

Hopefully the above information will assist you to plan this years Christmas Party and make you know as the best event organiser in your firm. Happy celebrating Christmas 2019!!!!