Indoor Team Building Events in Brisbane

Having an indoor team building event doesn’t mean less fun, less excitement and less quality. In fact some of our best events are facilitated indoors!

For whatever the reason you choose to stay indoors on your next team building event, there are a plethora of team building programs to choose from when planning. It does depend on a few key areas though that you must take in to account when planning.

How many people? – The number of delegates is our first question we will ask. We have a wide variety of team building programs and many can handle almost any number of delegates, but we will certainly firstly the suggest the one we feel would best suit that number.

How much space? – How much space do we have to work with based on the number of delegates? This is very important for us to choose which program will fit the space. Some programs require more space than others so obviously we wouldn’t choose a program based on to much physical activities for a small space. You may find the the smaller the space the more table based activities we will offer. But remember this is not a bad thing! It really depends on your desired outcomes.

Do we need AV? – Some desired spaces don’t really work well with a group when the program relies on heavy AV integration. Our Win IT In A Minute, Ultimate trivia Challenge and The Vault all rely on AV. So for these type of events we need to position this front and centre to be effective.

How Much time do we have? – Each program has a minimum time to work correctly. Most programs are very flexible and that doesn’t take away the wow factor at all. So if we have the minimum time allocated then anything extra is a bonus.

When choosing a program some of our events can actually be designed to be facilitated over a meal and with drinks throughout. The events best suited for this are Win IT IN A Minute, Ultimate Trivia Challenge, Charity Bike Build, Indoor Treasure Hunt and The Vault. The activities are staggered around the entree, Mains and desert and flows well from prior experiences.

You can rely on Total Team Building to facilitate a fun and Engaging Indoor Team Building Event in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.