Charity Team Building in Brisbane

Having well designed Team Building event is one thing! But having a team Building event that involves a charity takes the event to a whole new level.

There are plenty of ways of including a charity into your next corporate team Building day that 1 – Gives a real purpose to the day and 2 – Gives the warm and fuzzies as well.

We have a variety of different options that can be used to enhance your next event and all of which will check all boxes.

Charity Bike Build – Its been around for years and still is just as popular. The teams have the goal of constructing a bike from scratch. But first they must earn the parts by completing a series of team building activities. At the end of the event you will have some completely constructed bikes and children at the event who will take the bikes home.

Charity Scavenger Hunt – This is a city based event that has the teams out and about collecting certain items that will be donated to a charity or maybe even the children hospital. The teams will also need to complete various activities with our facilitators throughout the event.

Charity Win IT In A Minute – It is a fast and fun activity as the teams are to complete against the clock and each other in a series on individual and group challenges. Each challenge is worth a designated dollar value and if done successfully gets added to the kitty.

These are just some of the ideas of how you can play your social responsibility card on your next Team Building event in brisbane.

Contact us now to send you a proposal and lets WOW your team soon!