Charity Team Building in Brisbane

Making you feel warm and fuzzy!

Being involved in a team building event that includes a charity really does give some extra meaning to the event and usually touches everyone who is involved.

Companies in this day and age who are looking to fulfil their social responsibilities by including Team Building Events that can offer assistance by the way of a monetary value or giving product and services to charities. Not only is it nice to offer assistance to those who are not as fortunate it unites your team and offers a great opportunity to spread the warm and fuzzies. We are partnered with several charities and like to offer assistance whenever possible. We currently work with The Bully Zero Foundation, Variety The Children’s Fund and The Pyjama Foundation. and in fact in 2014 we donated nearly 400 bikes to these charities who sent them home with children who were in need of their first bike. Now thats a warm and Fuzzy!

There are quite a few options when searching for a Team Building Events in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and it depends on your desired outcomes as to which event we would resumed the most popular Charity Event would be our Charity Bike Build. This offers the teams a great team building activities with the opportunity to construct a bike and donate it to a child who attends the event and takes the bike home. What makes this event so good it the fact that so many people are unfamiliar with constructing a bike and some not knowing how to use a shifting spanner. This can put delegates outside their comfort zone and hopefully open to learning from their peers. Other options for Charity Events is our Charity Treasure hunt, it is similar to our standard treasure Hunt however the teams earn dollars that accrue during the Hunt. When they open the chest not only is there gold, chocolate and riches inside but a dollar value that goes to the charity. Another great option is our Charity Win It In A Minute. This is based on the hit TV show and offers the teams a series of individual and group challenges that are worth a dollar value to the kitty if completed successfully. At the ended of the event the kitty will be donated to the attending charity.

So now is probably a great time to contact us and let us show you how you can utilise a Charity Team Building Event to unite and bond your team like never before. Corporate Team Building has never been better!