How you relate to and are perceived by others mainly depends on your communication.

Your peers whether you know it or not judge and rate you as an enemy, friend, close friend or someone they choose to get get involved with by the way you communicate with them. Lets think about it? If you always spoke harshly, were demanding or even threatening to someone they would view you as a threat, a Foe or someone to avoid. If you spoke politely, regularly complimented them, offered assistance you would be viewed as a friend or close work colleague.

That so far is pretty basic stuff, Right? Or is it? How do you know if you act like one of the above? Do you think they would tell you? some people may and the majority won’t. So i guess a bit of self assessment is required to find out how people rate you.. This is easily achieved by taking notice of how you act and speak to every person around you. You will find that you may communicate differently to people and this would commonly reflect the way they speak to you. Freindly communication given will mostly attract friendly communication back. Just like open and free communication will attract that back and also as degrading communication deserve that in return.

So how do we stimulate open communication and break down barriers that cause harsh or abrupt communication so that the workplace has a collaborative effort and free communication throughout? One way is to provide an environment that requires open communication in a fun and interesting way. Team Building events certainly do this and do it well. There are some key points to look for if this is to be a success however.

1 – The team building event must be fun and have the delegates engaged and interested on the given task.

2 – The structure of the event must have triggers that require the team to communicate, so to stimulate communication.

3 – The team building event must make it very clear that all delegates are equal and it is a team effort to achieve the desired result.

4 – The Team Building facilitator must if needed control the communication to keep it useful to the purpose if it is toxic.

5 – The outcome or goal must be rewarding to all delegates and a complimentary and constructive debrief is always suggested.

There are many team building events in Brisbane that can provide this type of scenario. Indoors and Outdoor options and they can also have a charity component to enhance the outcome. Here is the link to our Team Building Ideas page so you can view all the great ideas for your next get-together