Team Building in Brisbane – How to keep it fun.

Team Building went through a stagnant stage and there was nothing new and innovative on the market to stimulate and create  memorable occasions for company employees. Companies were doing the same old thing year after year and participants were very quick to label Team Building as boring and a waste of time.

Those days are gone! From around 2013 Team Building companies realised it was time to get creative and generate some new offerings to corporates that would 1 – Offer an educational experience, 2 – Meet the desired outcomes for a team building event and 3 – Be fun and original. So the market was quickly injected with a flurry of new and exciting events and opportunities for companies to not only educate their staff on the key elements of being a good team but also gave them some WOW in the process. If there is no WOW or fun, well you can pretty well consider the event as not a failure, but not really hitting the mark and value for money.

Team Building must be fun! When delegates are having fun they let down their guard, they absorb information, they communicate better and they form bonds and friendships easier. Now that is what every manager would pay good money for. Total Team Building focus on the fun as a priority. We carefully combine your desired outcomes into the program and the participants rarely realise they are completing “Team Building” activities. They are so engrossed in the engaging activity we have supplied them they are communication, planning, problem solving or forming bonds without even realising.

My suggestion when enquiring or booking your next team building event challenge the organiser and ask them what are the fun elements and what are the expected outcomes from the event. If they know what they are doing you should receive a solid and informative answer. Total Team Building with around 20 years of experience the management team will do exactly that.  We are the number One for team building in Brisbane so contact us now!

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