Win It In A Minute Team Building Activity

If your looking for a fun and high energy team building event in Brisbane then Win It In A Minute is waiting for you!

On this event Halcyon Waters staff were the contestants and went head to head with 10 individual games and 3 group challenges.

The event begins with a brief on the objective to compete and be successful at as many games as possible. Each game is worths posts if completed and the team with the most points at the end of the event will be the winners. After the brief a short video is shown of every game. This enables the teams to visually see how the game is to be played and allocate team members to each one. We then are very generous and off a 20 minute practise period!..

From the moment the hooter sounds its game time and the pressure mounts. First contestants move to the front and compete against a giant count down clock. 60 seconds is all you have if you want to score for your team, some will make it and some won’t. The group challenges are for all team mates and require group decision making and lots of teamwork. This also is under time restraints!

At the end of the day everybody and has a good laugh, been put in the spotlight and been gracious in defeat or lifted with Glory. Only one team can be victorious and take home the spoils of victory and the HUGE amounts of glory the at follow, and today it was the Pink team!