The difference between Remote and Virtual Team Building events in Brisbane

Total Team Building offers a large variety of Team Building events in Brisbane. We offer the usual GO To events like Amazing Race, Survivor, and Scavenger Hunt options, but since COVID 19, a whole new mindset and event style has come to life.

We have now found that Remotely managed, and Virtual Team Building Events have come to life, and to be honest pre-COVID 19, these types of events were never heard of,  not even discussed. How the world had changed!

Virtual Team Building Events

Virtual Team Building Events have become really popular since COVID landed obviously due to staff working from home and not being able to have the face-to-face interactions we were all so used to having. So Virtual event enquiries and bookings skyrocketed and replaced our standard Team Building in events in Brisbane.

What do these types of events entail? Virtual Team Building offers a unique and very easy way to unite your team either in a focused workshop session or fun have a laugh social type gathering. Our Virtual Team Building options offer a variety of outcomes to suit all these occasions. The events kick off with an online conferencing platform invitation. Our goto is Zoom, however, we can use Webex, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams. The event kicks off with an energising and engaging brief from our online facilitator. Relevant backgrounds are used to set the theme and short “Tips and Tricks” presentation is shared.

Our events use a state-of-the-art Smartphone or Tablet application, so Zoom is used as the face-to-face replacement for communication, while the smartphone app is used for the event itself, in a nutshell, you must have a computer and a smartphone to be involved. Once the initial brief is complete the delegates are then broken in into working groups and placed in breakout rooms where they work together on the chosen event. Our facilitator pops in and out of the room and interacts with the groups as they play.  Once the time runs out the facilitator recalls everyone back to the main screen and delivers a debrief reflection, and live scoreboard with the results. This is normally a pretty fun time as everyone has enjoyed themselves and normally on quite a high.

Our Virtual events consist of Virtual Amazing Race, Virtual Office Olympics, Virtual Happy Hour, Virtual Away Day, Escape Room, and manor House Murder just to name a few.

Total Team Building has been facilitating these events all over the world during Covid and regularly have our facilitators been up at midnight hosting events for the USA, Canada, and Singapore just to name a few.

Remotely Managed Events

Remotely Managed Events are the first step away from live hosted Team Building Events in Brisbane.

What does this mean? Well, remotely managed events are events that still happen live, so delegates still face to face in one location, but the facilitator is not. The facilitator may be anywhere in one of our offices around Australia and can interact with the team’s Via Zoom on the big screen, or via the Smartphone application the group is using.

Pre COVID this was never heard of, hosting a team-building event but not actually being there… Now with companies used to doing online conferences this now very acceptable and happening regularly. We have a variety of programs that a small amount of pre-event info is emailed to the client and on the day the client puts our facilitator on the big screen to brief the group. The group listens to the brief and then gets straight into action! Just like the Virtual Team Building Events in Brisbane once the clock runs out the facilitator then debriefs and runs over the live scoreboard. It’s still very interactive and engaging at all levels.

Quite often we are seeing companies hosting a live event in one location while live-streaming into other locations with the same event happening there as well. What this does, is allow one facilitator to host all locations and keep everyone in the same event. No need to run separate events and divide your team. It actually ticks many boxes from a cost perspective and an organizational perspective. It’s a win-win!

Remotely managed Events in Brisbane examples are Spy School, Indoor Amazing race, Adventure Quest, and Level Up just to name a few.