Enhancing Leadership through Team Building

How would a team function without leadership?

Well the truth is, not very well, and in some cases not at all. Having direction would not be achieved if there was no leadership. How would the team achieve the goal? How would they even know what the goal is? Leadership filters through each and every team from the top to the bottom in its own dictating way.

How do you achieve good leadership within a team? Well, its always pretty easy to see the strong personalities that are natural leaders. There is always the reverse who are happy to sit back and be led. Both qualities are fine and in fact,  both are very important to a well oiled team. Could you imagine if every member had leader personality traits? The team would most likely clash, and constantly question each other, may event not be able to come to a resolution to a problem, or set processes to move towards the goal. It is very important that the leaders lead and followers follow.

How do we enhance leadership skills through team building activities in Brisbane?

At Total Team Building we have carefully developed individual activities, and full programs that call on leadership to allow the team to plan and execute strategies to succeed. A great example of this is our Bridging the Gap program. It allows the group to work and one team, working towards the one goal. The brief goes like this: “Your company has just won a tender with the government to build a new highway. The highway will link all the tables in the room at which your new company car will travel and the final task. The highway will cross a series of gorges (Gap between the tables) at which you must as a team construct the bridges in a safe and timely manner. You have a series of materials available to you, and you can only use these materials and you have exactly 60 minutes to finish the project on time”.

The group will when completed, drive a remote control car around the circuit to test the quality of the design, and construction, and is always the highlight of the program. At the start of the process the group will allocate a foreman who take charge of the contract to ensure success. The group will actually nominate this person in a silent vote. During this team building program you will naturally see the born leaders rise to the top. And in most cases there will be more than one, so expect some head battering at times. 

Team Building activities like this allow for some great debriefing, and can really go deep. Our trained facilitators are great at probing the group to discuss key elements, or points that make the essence of enhancing the groups leadership skills. 

Enhancing Leadership isn’t rocket science. Its purely putting the right people into the right task and assisting them to flourish. When they do its great to watch and is a valuable asset to any company.

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